Sunday, November 25, 2012

too long of an absence

Considering my last blog post was when I first made this site, I'd say that an update is way overdue! I come bearing good news, though: next semester I'll be studying abroad in South Africa! It still sounds crazy to me and I don't think that it'll hit me until I actually get there, but needless to say, I'm so excited. I've never been out of the country or even on a plane before, so this will be an especially interesting experience.

I know that a lot of people keep blogs regularly when they go abroad to keep family and friends posted, and I've decided that is the perfect place to do just that! I've always loved to write, so blogging about my South African experience will definitely be a creative outlet for me. I hope to post at  least twice a week, but of course that depends on my schedule when I get there. 

While I'm on the topic of future plans for, I'll explain the different sections of the blog:

Via Tina: More of a personal journaling section. All of my South African blog posts will go there!
LifestyleMiscellaneous posts about fitness, food, etc.
FashionPretty obvious. I'll be updating this section with trends and different clothing/accessory pieces that I've been into. If I can, I would love to post pictures of South African fashion, because it's absolutely amazing!

I really look forward to posting more on this site and I want everyone to go on this adventure with me!

'Til next time,