Friday, January 18, 2013

i packed?

Hello world! I leave for South Africa in TWO DAYS. Crazy, I know. I figured that I would be done with my packing on Sunday morning, about an hour before I leave for JFK, but no - I actually finished with some time (and room) to spare! I'm patting myself on the back as we speak...

I thought I was going to be fancy and take pictures of everything that I'll be taking with me, but I got so lazy, you guys. Instead, I took random photos of some things and my final two suitcases!

(sneakers, flip flops, some sandals, Toms, combat boots, and Vans)

(Jansport backpack and two crossbody bags)

Toiletries and medicine!
(All wrapped and bagged up because I refuse to let anything spill or leak...)

Some carry-on stuff!
(TSA liquids, journal and pens, snacks, chargers, tissues, etc. etc.)

My carry-on bag!
(From - so spacious with a ton of convenient pockets)

T-shirts and shorts!
(I don't know why I photographed this, to be honest...)

 Suitcase #1!

Suitcase #2!

Wasn't that just thrilling to see? I'm actually really glad that I have some room to'll be perfect for when I want to bring souvenirs and other cool stuff back to the home with me in June. I'm also happy to have most of my packing already done, so I can just relax - if that's even possible - tonight and allll day tomorrow.

I'll probably post one more time last time blogging in the U.S.! 

'Til next time,

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