Tuesday, January 1, 2013

twenty thirteen

Happy New Year! Since I happen to be spending my NYE at home, I decided that I'd give my blog some love. I'm really bad at the whole "looking back on 2012 memories" thing, so I'll spare everyone the agony and just say that this past year was good! It wasn't perfect, of course, but I do have a lot to be thankful for.

Looking forward to the next year, I won't be making a long, unattainable list of resolutions that won't even cross my mind come January 2nd. Rather, I have a few goals:

  1. Awareness. During the later months of this year, I've dealt with a lot of emotional stress and had the mindset of turning the "negative" into the "positive." Sure, positive thinking is great, but forcing myself to fake certain emotions isn't healthy. So, this year, I'd like to take each emotion for what it's worth - good or bad - and move on from there. Everything can be learned from.
  2. Control. Some things we can control, other things we can't. I may not be able to control how others around me act or how certain situations work out. However, I can always change something, even if it's just my attitude. (I've had a very existential mindset lately, bear with me.) Even when I feel helpless, there's always something I can do. One of my favorite quotes (from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley) is, "I am the master of my fate / I am the captain of my soul," and that's definitely something that I'd like to remember moving forward.
  3. Productivity. I am usually very reactive - I procrastinate, I don't do things until I'm forced to, etc.  I'm not saying that I want to be a huge health freak or run a marathon every day; I do, however, want to work on using the free time that I use carelessly to better myself. I could read, write, blog, work out, play soccer, call up a friend I haven't seen in a while, anything. Nothing's wrong with relaxing, but I should probably get a life and do something when I have those "OMG I hate my life, I'm so bored" crises.
Lastly, I'd like to enjoy myself no matter what life has in store for me! I hope that everyone had a safe New Year's Eve and has a lovely (and slightly hungover) 2013.

'Til next time,

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