Thursday, March 28, 2013

an adventure awaits!

Hello, hello! Here I am, posting another late entry. I kind of figured that I should since I won’t be home in Stellenbosch for a while. I’ll explain why in a second. But, I would really like to thank everyone who took the time to read my last post and comment on it here or to me personally. The world can be strange and confusing and sad sometimes, and I used my site as an outlet, and I really appreciate you guys bearing with me.

Over the weekend, my roommates and I rented a car and went into Cape Town. It was so nice to just be able to drive everywhere and not worry about public transportation times and whatnot. We went to a huge food market, the V & A Waterfront and mall, Tyger Valley mall, Camps Bay beach, and Tattoo Mania (where I got a cartilage piercing…no tattoo just yet!).

This past Monday was the semi-final game for the rugby Varsity Cup. Our team, the Maties, were playing at home against NMMU – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – who we played and beat earlier in the season. So, of course, we were expected to win again, but NMMU put up a fight. The game was scoreless for a while and then we scored first, with the opponents scoring right back. It went back and forth like that for pretty much the entire game, until Stellenbosch barely won 16-15! I’m usually not into the rugby games here, but it was so exciting to watch!

The Varsity Cup final match is on April 8th and luckily we got tickets for it!!

Although most of my friends are finished with their spring breaks, we are just starting ours this weekend. Here’s what I have planned:

Our AIFS program has an excursion to the Garden Route included in the fees, which is amazing.

During the 6-day Garden Route tour, we’ll be seeing elephants, ostriches, felines, and monkeys, as well as participating in optional activities – such as paragliding, ziplining, and bungee jumping….oh, did I mention that I’ll be bungee jumping? Oh, did I also mention that it’s from the highest bungee bridge in the world? Hopefully I’m alive and well to tell you guys about it!

On the same day that we get back from the Garden Route, we leave for the Kalahari. It’ll be hectic but so fun. We’ll be going on game safari, camping, and white water rafting! The Kalahari will definitely be a more relaxing excursion compared to the Garden Route.

On the same day that we get back from the Kalahari, we go right back to classes. A rude awakening, but it’ll alllll be worth it in the end.

That being said, I would not expect a blog post until the week of April 7th. I’ll be having some withdrawals, I know, but we can look at it this way – when I come back I’ll have a TON of stories to tell!

‘Til next time,

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  1. Enjoyed reading this blog - so much is going on and so much to prepare for. Have FUN, CHERISH every moment, be SAFE and CAREFUL - I cannot wait to hear about your adventures. Love and miss you dear. ~mom~