Monday, February 9, 2015

So, About Your "One True Love..."

"You're my one and only."
"What would I do without you?"
"They're just my other half!"
"You're my soulmate."

We see it on social media all. the. time. (Or maybe it's just me and I spend way too much time on Twitter and Instagram.) Many, many people our age are convinced that they are utterly head over heels in love with their "soul mate." And maybe they are in love, or maybe they're in love with love; either way, it's really none of my business. *Insert Kermit sipping tea emojis*

I read this article by Elissa Sanci a while back on Thought Catalog, and it really got me thinking about the idea of soul mates and the possibility of having multiple [platonic and romantic] soul mates, each one coming into - and out of - your life for a specific purpose. 
Platonic soul mates come when you need them most...These kinds of soul mates overlap each other shamelessly.  
We're so conditioned to think of soul mates as romantic beings that it's easy to ignore our platonic soul mates. The ones who know your weird side, your sensitive side. The ones who you can send weird Buzzfeed quizzes to at odd hours of the night and will laugh and send another one back. Obviously, friendships don't last forever, but that soul mate always serves a purpose, even if that purpose is to help you let your guard down and enjoy life for a little while.
Romantic soul mates are trickier...Your first soul mate will show what love is. And once you know, once you truly know how great and breathtaking love can be, they'll leave. They have to. Try to forgive them. 
Well, shit! If that quote doesn't resonate with you then I don't know what will. (It honestly may not, but it did with me, so obviously it has to resonate with you too.) It sounds kind of messed up, right? Like, you're in love, everything's dandy, and then you break up, because you were supposed to?? Whaaa?

(Your inner dialogue probably goes something like this: "But he was my soul mate! He understood me like no one else did! How can I move on from this?!" *tears tears tears*)

In retrospect, it's actually kind of...comforting, I guess? Yes. It sucks. You lost your first soul mate, but they didn't leave you empty-handed, right?

It's wonderful, this concept. You can have more of these soul mates, more of that love. And the next soul mate(s) will teach you more and more about yourself and the world. You may be miserable and heartbroken and disgustingly single, but at least you'll have faith that there are more great people ahead. And, even when you do meet your last romantic soul mate, the one that you are with forever, you still have the ability to have more platonic soul mates! So. Cool.

I also have to play Devil's advocate, because it's my blog and I can. Mwahaha. So, when you are with that last soul mate (I am clearly not at that point yet, no need to remind me), I wonder how you know. You know, like know know. People say that you just know, but I would like to see the science behind it.

And even when you do walk down the aisle or commit to be with each other forever, it must be interesting to know that this person is just one of many soul mates, and that there are others out there who may be even more compatible with you, and able to show you even more love. (Although I'm sure that when you are in this kind of love, it doesn't matter because you want to be with that person and that person only.) It's unnerving, almost.

Or maybe that's just me. Is that just me? Lemme know.

'Til next time,